Since 01.01.2015 the price on accounting services for 1 month depending on the number of transactions:

Number of transactions Price (EUR)
  1-50 transactions 100.-
  51-75 transactions 120.-
  76-100 transactions 130.-
  101-125 transactions 140.-
  126-150 transactions 150.-
  151-175 transactions 175.-
  176-200 transactions 200.-
from 201 price negotiable



• In the case of more transactions the price is negotiable.
• The price includes the calculation of salary (up to 5 people), the calculation of social tax and unemployment insurance calculations, the current accounting and of sales tax
• The price of annual report is 50% from the monthly payment.

Price is set according to transactions.
The number of transactions is calculated with reference to the source documents.
One document (for instance, account) = one transaction, the exception is the bank account extract where one line is one transaction.

Determining prices is based on the number of transactions during the reporting period, but we can make an agreement with a client about the fixed price per month, which becomes fixed after processing of documents during 3 months.

Consultations for our clients are free of charge.
Sales tax (20%) is added to all prices.


The price list for apartment associations:

Number of apartments Price (EUR))
  1-16 50.-
  17-32 70.-
  33-46 110.-
  47-52 120.-
  53-72 130.-
  73-80 140.-
  100 and more From 165.-
  200 and more From 250.-
Additional services
  Calculation of salaries (more than 5 people) 6 EUR per a person
  Bank transfers From 15.-
  Copies 1 sheet A4 0.10

The annual report is included in the price.


Service Price (EUR)
  Auditing services From 64 EUR per one hour
  Compiling of liquidation and final
  balance sheets
From 70.-
  Consultations 40 EUR per one hour
  Compiling of annual reports From 84.-
  Accounting recovery Negotiable

Sales tax (20%) are already added.