Making changes in the charter capital from Estonian krones to Euro.

Due to the fact of the new currency changeover all registered enterprises in Estonia
are obliged to convert their charter capitals from Estonian krone to Euro.

To formalize the charter capitals it is necessary:
  • to change the charter in the company
  • to arrange the common meeting
  • to register the owner's decision
  • to submit the application and the documents to the Commercial Register (Äriregister)

We can help you make all these procedures (documents, signing, completing and applying all applications).
If you are the owner of the enterprise, then you need just your ID-card and its PIN codes in order to make the changes.
Making the appropriate changes in an enterprise with one owner will take about 20 minutes.
The cost of the service is 20 euros.


Liquidation or termination of enterprises (housing associations with limited liability or company or stock company AS) is carried out according to:
  • The shareholders' decision (the decision made in a common meeting)
  • Some other reasons set by law or statute.
  • The judicial decision

Termination of the company begins with making the balance and publication of the report about ending the company production in the "Avalikud Teadaanded" (official register). Lenders have to report about all their demands to the company during four months after publication of the report. Liquidation of the company ends with the final balance and making the plan of distribution of the remaining assets. After completing the process of liquidation but not earlier than six months after publication of the liquidation report and three months after providing the shareholders with the final balance, the liquidators provide the application for liquidation of the company to the commercial register. Liquidation of the company takes up to six months.

The price of the service is 120 Euros


Selling of companies (prepared or shelf companies) has been a common procedure for many years. Buying prepared or shelf companies, you can significantly save your valuable time. A shelf or prepared company gives the opportunity to start its work immediately after the conclusion of the notarial sales contract. Shelf or prepared companies are already registered and have their own name and legal address. If you want to give another name to your company or change the address, you can do it.

The price of the service is 400 Euros.


 Establishment of new companies

From 35.-

 Changes in the commercial register

From 35.-

 OÜ changing



Accelerated office work for a payment order - it is an accelerated office work which lets you get the executive documents in the form of verdict without a trial and with minimum expenses. The court makes a decision on a trial by declaration according to a creditor's claim, if the demanded sum does not exceed 6400 EUR. State taxes on the accelerated office work are much less than on the regular filing of a claim. The state tax is 3% from the basic demand (but not less than 47.93 EUR). After filing an application of accelerated clerical work, paying of state taxes and checking application by a court, court give a proposal to the debtor for paying of the debt or the provisioning of an objection during 15 days. In case if the debtor agrees with the demands or has not provided to the court an objection in a timely manner, the court takes a decision in favor of the lender. In case if the debtor in timely manner providing an objection about payment proposal to court, which made a payment proposal, continue production in of claim production or submit the case to the court, which is indicated in application about accelerated production for payment order.

The price of the service is 25 Euros.